Boötes: Constellation Archives

Boötes: Constellation Archives


🔍 Boötes is visible during the Spring season in the northern hemisphere. Known commonly as the herdsman, ploughman, & Bear Watcher. This pattern contains the fourth brightest star in the sky & brightest north of the equator, Arcturus 🟠 a red giant. Also home to many deep sky objects including the Supervoid. It can be found by following the arc on the handle of the Big Dipper (✨ asterism within Ursa Major). Since this pattern borders Virgo, once identified you can trace the location towards another bright star—Spica. Important and valuable throughout various cultures historically as a guide in navigation.

🔭 Happy gazing 🌟 leave me a comment and tell me what you’re viewing! Is there a constellation you’d like to see represented next? ⬇️ #astroknotco

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