Draco: Constellation Archives

Draco: Constellation Archives

•DRACO 🐉 •

Stitching my first Draco constellation I chose some TOHO earthy green beads. I was so happy when I tried this new style with an iridescent because it reminded me so much of Falkor the luck dragon. One of my childhood favorites 📚 from the neverending story 🤓 who are some of your memorable dragon characters?

For mid-northern latitudes Draco is a circumpolar constellation 🌌 which means it can be seen at any time of the year! You can spot this starry dragon between the Big and Little Dipper. Finding its eye stars Rastaban and Eltanin nearest to bright star VEGA of Lyra.

Also noteworthy is the star Thuban which was aligned as the northern Pole star around 3942 B.C. This constellation is host to many deep sky objects such as the Cats eye nebula and Tadpole Galaxy. The Draconids meteor shower in early October can be traced back to this pattern.


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