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cepheus • “king”

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constellation : CEPHEUS

symbol : king

CEPHEUS• mythical King of Aethiopia. Part of the Perseus group of stars and companion to Queen Cassieopia; Cepheus is also a circumpolar constellation making it visible from the Northern Hemisphere year round. Interesting features include one of the largest black holes currently known, the Wizard nebula, Iris nebula, Cave nebula, Fireworks galaxy, and Herschel’s Garnet star (Mu Cephei) 

Astro-knot canvases can be used as a portable guide in your astronomical gazing, framed as a canvas, or token in personal ritual space. All designs are individually hand woven with care making each piece unique.

Product Specifications:

4 x 4in

1 Birch board panel

{• MEDIUM: Botanical inks, acrylic paint, metallic marker. seed beads •}