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cygnus • “swan”

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symbol : swan 

Astro-knot canvases can be used as a portable guide in your astronomical gazing, framed as a canvas, or token in personal ritual space. Each panel features a beadwork weaving of a constellation; all graph designs are my own as referenced from astronomical maps  

Every painting features in-house made botanical inks that were brewed from locally harvested sumac berries + riverbank grapes so their vibrant tones reflect the landscapes in our community. 

Astro-insights: Southeast of Pegasus: Cygnus is a large pattern containing one of the brightest stars, DENEB. It is part of the Summer Triangle & features the known asterism, Northern Cross. Best visible from early summer to late autumn in the northern hemisphere. Some interesting deep sky objects include the Rocking Horse Cluster, the Blinking Planetary Nebula, & Veil Nebula.


Product Specifications:

4 x 4in

1 Birch board panel

{• MEDIUM: Botanical inks, acrylic paint, metallic marker, seed beads •}