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There are 79 (known) moons of Jupiter. 

This collection celebrates the varied presence and beauty of galactic moons. Every painting features botanical inks that were brewed from locally harvested sumac berries + riverbank grapes so their vibrant tones reflect the landscapes in our community. 

moon.beam canvases can be used as a portable guide in earthly lunar gazing, framed as artwork, or token in personal ritual space. All designs are hand woven & painted with in-house made inks making each piece truly unique.

There are four primary phases in the lunar cycle:

1. New •

2. First Quarter ••

3. Full •••

4. Last Quarter ::

•The waxing/waning Gibbous and crescent phases are defined as intermediate.•

Product Specifications:

3 x 6in

1 birch board panel

{• MEDIUM: Botanical inks, acrylic paint, metallic marker; seed beads •}