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Custom Astro-chart: XIII

Regular price $375.00 CAD
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Our interactive Sky Map features coordinates of the Sun, Moon and Planets based on the time and place of your chosen date of significance.

This Artisan crafted star compass features a magnetic track offering an approachable way to interact daily with celestial bodies as they travel rainbow hues of zodiac seed beads. 

Product Dimensions

  • 12 x 12 Birch Panel

Special Product Features

  • Brass magnetic track 
  • Sun & Moon magnet
  • Picot beaded edge features Cardinal cross marking the turn of the seasons (Spring & Autumn Equinox, Summer & Winter Solstice)
  • Moon Phase of chart date reflected in central beadwork
  • Celestial bodies as sequins
  • Aspects as embroidery thread
  • Four elements in metallic tones

How do I customize my chart?

Once your payment has been received you can expect an email from us ( requesting the following required data for your chart:

  • Title of Event
  • Full date (day, month, year)
  • Time of event (optional)
  • City, Country

Alternatively, you can include the listed information via your sales receipt in your notes or contact us directly via the email address provided. 

What kind of chart can I customize?

Examples: Birthday, Anniversary, Date of Discovery, Memorial, Wedding, Business Launch, Scientific Milestone, Celebrity, Literary Publish Date, Historic Events, Inspiring Figures, Athletic Accomplishment, Album Release, Architectural Landmarks, Film Release, etc.