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vulpecula • “little fox”

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constellation : VULPECULA

symbol : little fox 

Astro-knot canvases can be used as a portable guide in your astronomical gazing, framed as a canvas, or token in personal ritual space. All designs are individually hand woven with care making each piece unique.


🦊 VULPECULA• little fox; This constellation classifies as a modern addition so there are no obvious mythos prominent but is often represented as a fox with a goose in its mouth. Fox in stories and mythology show up often as a prevalent character—sometimes friendly, a trickster, shapeshifter, or magical companion...etc. What are some associations with foxes that you can share about this star pattern? 📖

Vulpecula is bordered by Cygnus and is located within the asterism known as the Summer Triangle. Interesting objects to identify here include the Dumbbell nebula, and Brocchi’s cluster (the coat-hanger).

Product Specifications:

4 x 4in

1 Birch board panel

{• MEDIUM: Acrylic paint, soft pastels, metallic marker. Size 11 seed beads •}